FltAdvisor - Predictive airline flight notifications
February 10, 2016

Welcome to FltAdvisor — Intelligent and Predictive Flight Notifications For Frequent Travelers That Are Serious About Avoiding Delays, Missed Connections, and Cancellations.

FltAdvisor Warns You Of Delays Up To 2 1/2 Hours Earlier Than Airlines Or Other Services.

How does FltAdvisor help you avoid delays, missed connections, and cancellations?
  • Early Notification of Flight Delays let's you avoid bad flights
    We track your inbound aircraft several segments before it gets to your flight so that you know about potential delays before your airline posts them.
  • Alternative Flight Recommendations
    The only service that identifies alternative flights on all carriers based on the real status of those flights.
  • Connection Verification
    The only service that accurately calculates your connection time based on the real status of both the current flight and the connecting flight.
  • Personalized Monitoring of your Itinerary
    The only service that tracks your aircraft — up to two legs prior to its arrival — and provides 7x24 flight monitoring by experienced airline professionals in a fully operational control center.

Here is what you get with FltAdvisor
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  • Personalized monitoring and notification of your flights departure status.
  • Critical connection-time notifications based on analysis of your flights actual status.
  • Flight specific information including departure gate, arrival time and arrival gate.
  • Automatic flight tracking when you send a copy of your itinerary to myflights@fltadvisor.com.
  • Notification of alternate flights when your flight has been cancelled or delayed.
  • Advanced analysis of airport, airplane, weather and other factors that affect your flight.
  • One click direct link to what your airline is reporting — without having to type in your travel date and flight number.
  • Map display of your incoming aircraft so you know where it actually is before it gets to your airport.


FltAdvisor Partners With FlightMemory To Offer Premium Flight Notification Service
September 23rd, 2009

FltAdvisor has partnered to offer its predictive and intelligent flight notifications through FlightMemory...

FltAdvisor Members Speak Out!

“The real time flight information, conveniently delivered to me via email and text messages, is very valuable for the busy traveler. FltAdvisor accurately predicted a flight delay and even provided alternatives well before the airline admitted it. FltAdvisor also provided real time information about a gate change while I was en-route — saving valuable time. With FltAdvisor, there is no need to be in the dark about flight delays anymore!”
Senior Partner — International Law Firm